Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Hammers To Walls, Good Notes, Tales To Spin, Dances In Winds.

Dead Or Alive - You Spin Me Round (Like a Record) Coins Flipped, games played, life on the beach, good tales to spin.
How much are views worth in your world? Moot in mind, please the one in your skin, happy to share views always sunny and bright sides to the pits with the cherries. Happy for hands out to help up, back on the boat. Time and space to the times to slap your face, for the good, bad and ugly deeds dead now, flipping the pages, flipping the cards..Crazy, dizzy, rich with laughs to share, about the bumps in the road, gifts and lessons daily share about the changes with chance. Gold at the pots at the end of the rainbows. Your luck is in, blue stars shooting, bright lights on the dark side of the moon, Stars of David, nice shades of blue, on the seas of chances to take.

MUCCILLO, STEVEN R.35 NORTHAMPTON CT, NEWPORT BEACH, CA 92660-4206....."Horror Stories: Snakes in Grass: Jewish Rites: Ste...": Matches prayers, cheer up and hold your head high, your wishes are better than the others, that change faces six times a day, and the friends that are foes are still displaced and searching for happiness from the lives of others, not your story, and hope and joy and pleasures are the returns on the acts and deeds that make you happy. The sun is shining and the future is bright and sunny for you and for the others that pray and work on dreams to put in action. It is water off of a ducks back, and the river is not blocked, and the pies in the sky and the pots of gold are on the way. Have a great day and filled with happiness and good cheer. 

Lessons Learned Gifts to Share: RV Sucker Lessons ....with Steven Jarrot 7608512267. Lovers and haters, coins to flip, cards on the table. http://lessonsorblessingsgranted.blogspot.com/2015/01/rv-sucker-lessons.html?spref=tw …"Cow Wisdom",Life's Little Beefs.Steven Jarrot Retard Rites:7608512267: 5'11" fat? 260 pounds:Lic #N9602690: SSN# 565 29 0428.....DOB: 090462...Jacqueline Jarrot, Paul, Charley dead two: Donkeys in hills, second form of life. Adam: Steven and Rachel, RV Sima Jarrot, 7608512267...Wishes and stars, lights to shine bright, stars in darkness. Free Rides: Nothing for free. Jokers and players to date, fruits and nuts...

Ms 411 Daily Tips For Today http://www.instantblogsubscribers.com/?w=maxmorejoy#.VwUfXc1vfMA.twitterJewish … Rach Jay, Unlucky Bank Robbers.Nightmares.Write and rites, horses 2, History Recorded. Fields of dicks, fields of donkeys in the tall greens, thugs once in life, second life donkey tales. Monkeys to see, monkeys to do, horses. Jokers and poker players, cum suckers, snakes in dens, sinners and saints, frogs to date..... fruits and nuts, part of the home movies. Gifts of film, joys and pleasures, party and pay. Frogs and snakes, in the wind, branches of peace under the dogwood trees. Green Again: Blue knights, stars bright, wishes on stars so high, heavens open, tears of joy and laughter. Jokers to the left, clowns to the right, wishes, hopes and desires stuck in the middle.

Steven Jarrot,7603601613, more freaks out at night?tips now ▼  2014 (8)►  November (2)►  October (2)▼  September (2)Lyon Sacks: Jewish Style..Lyon Sacks: Fire and Ice: Hell Rings►  August (2).Lovers and haters, blue lights on, dances on the sands of time, trips to the heavens. Trips to the stars, stars blue to shine, trips to the moon and back. Songs to play on the radio, good times, bumps in the roads, trips to the stars, trips to the sunny dazes. 

Shit Happen, Hard Knocks Schools, Lessons Learned, Hits And Misses.....Twists And Turns, Lots Of Luck, Spiders And Snakes Tales....One more time, to stop and take a moment, lost in times, lost in space, twists and turns, one more day. Lovers and haters, life on the water, circles of life, joys and pains, ups and downs, dream life on the surface. Dicks and dogs, sheep and goat, horns of love and hate on a goat, tales to spin, good times to sail on. Lovers and hats, songs and dances, snakes and frogs, dances on the water. Lots of love, lots of luck, circles of lovers, circles of haters, songs on the waters. Daily events, to live and learn, daily events to choose mountains to climb, daily events on the sands of time. Good times to turn around, tips on the joys and pains, dances for the lights to come on.

Snakes in Grass: Dicks and Dawgs: Fags Out Of Box: Laughs Online....Stoned & Dazed: Snakes, Frogs, Butches, Fag Hags, Snake Eyes...Lots Of Luck, Lots Of Charms, Lots Of Hugs, Lots Of Kisses, Pink Lights. Lights and darkness, games after dark, lots of rules broken, not a home with the streets lights came on. Stuck in time, April 6, 1955, kid of 11 that year, lots of ways to show the lights. Hopes and wishes, dances in the pass, before my life begin, on one level. Hopes and wishes, tales in the pass, hopes to change the head games. Pages of lovers in the dark, pages of lover still boys, pages of lovers baby boomers, tales to share.

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