Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Battles And Wars, Kings And Knights, Ships To Drama, Dreams In Works.

Love and luck, ships to sail, golden years, life on the water, kings and knights, boats to floats, clear days. Ships to pass in the night. Blue skies to seas, boats to float on the water, ships of dreams to sail. Good times, dances on the boat, rocks and waves to make, life on the water, dances for life. Life on the water, sunny and bright, winds to blow, rocks to dodge. Great days on the water, boats and ships, dreams to float, wishes and hopes to find. Goodness and mercy in the air, angels in host, lots of lights to shine, earth angel here to stay. 

Great day on the right side, wonderful day to be alive, hopes flames burning bright, dreams in actions, desires out in air, goodness and mercy, angels to catch. Balls and bats, witches and spells, cats and rats, races to death. Busy dying daily, busy living large in a blue state, peace and understanding on one hand. Goodness and mercy, joys and pleasures, gifts granted, prayers granted, peace, love and understanding granted, across the winds.

 Hats and caps to wear, ways to live in the desert, if you were a turtle, life in the sands, life is a beach, ways to grow, ways to expand. Dreams in drama, pages to turn, books to close, pages to end the story, history recorded, more tales online. Dreams in dancing, dream life four ways, love and hate, hats and horns. Songs to sing, songs to play, knocks on wood, schools of hard knocks, classes on love and hate, classes on the sands of time..

 Sings to pay, songs on radio, monkeys to sing like birds. Goat horns: love and hate, goats and sheep, witches to tell, ghosts and spooks, tales from the dead. Family and friends that have exoired, dead and in the graves. Life over and done, bones boxed to plant, put in the ground, to grow another way. Tricks, spells, and curses, alive today, men will be frogs. Men will be American Toads, dogs and bitches in heat, cum suckers, hell hounds in the woods. 

Lights on Lessons: Classes on beaches, classed on shore, classes all the time. Classes open wide for dicks, tricks, Rachel Jarrot, and fake friends to lie to your face, and rob you blind are  Rocky, Charles R. Jarrot, the master of hard knocks, and a thief to steal, cash, credit, cars and boyfriends, fags and hounds from hell. Take the  fake friends, lies for the truth and honesty with rose color glasses. Mistakes made with the whales on land, mistakes made with the fairies, mistakes made with the frogs and the fools.

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