Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Baby Boomers, Ships Of Dreams To Sail, Birds And Bees, Songs In The Winds.

Love and luck, ships to sail, golden years, life on the water, kings and knights, boats to floats, clear days. Ships to pass in the night. Blue skies to seas, boats to float on the water, ships of dreams to sail. Good times, dances on the boat, rocks and waves to make, life on the water, dances for life. Life on the water, sunny and bright, winds to blow, rocks to dodge. Great days on the water, boats and ships, dreams to float, wishes and hopes to find. Goodness and mercy in the air, angels in host, lots of lights to shine, earth angel here to stay. 

Great day on the right side, wonderful day to be alive, hopes flames burning bright, dreams in actions, desires out in air, goodness and mercy, angels to catch. Balls and bats, witches and spells, cats and rats, races to death. Busy dying daily, busy living large in a blue state, peace and understanding on one hand. Goodness and mercy, joys and pleasures, gifts granted, prayers granted, peace, love and understanding granted, across the winds.

Dreams of more, prayers for houses vacancies to spare, homes for the holidays, veterans alerts. Dead veterans every day, 22 daily last count, help needed to address this problem. Hand reaching out to you, need a hand to get started, houses in Orange County, California, other counties needed help also, equal to Riverside Counties. 

Turning the page, moving on, topics to cover now. Time and space, time counted in how many ways, questions up in the air. Live and learn, love and hate, goats and sheep, witches to tell, ghosts and spooks, tales from the dead. Family and friends that have expired, dead and in the graves. Life over and done, bones boxed to plant, put in the ground, to grow another way. Tricks, spells, and curses, alive today, men will be frogs. Men to be. always there, lights on now. will be American Toads, dogs and bitches in heat, cum suckers, hell hounds in the woods.

Pink Floyd - The Wall (Full Album)Dicks and dogs, cattle to roam, home on the ranges, frogs and snakes in dens, in packs, ways to grow, eat each other, over time and space, faces in the dark, The Wall.
Snakes And Frog Dates: m4w 7608512267: 54 Steven Jarrot?(Upland) casual encounters::Dream guy? Lessons in love, lessons in hate, lessons for a teacher or a student, classes on the sands of ties and time. Wheels to turn, pages to turn, roads to travel, bumps in the road, joys and pains, ways to grow. Angels on earth, cat or mouse, large size for a rat, girl is brave:... Not A Perfect World, Tips And Tales, Not Bothered. Notes On History. Steven and Sima Jarrot ...Lovers and haters, donkeys to ride for free ..To include the others, Jackie and Charley Jarrot, sluts and crooks, liars and cheaters, dream lives online, happy and gay, nuts on the run, good times, party and pay, veterans to run.....Sima And Steven Jarrot, Donkeys for free rides?Sheri, Rachel?Sluts 2?Dead Or Alive - You Spin Me Round (Like a Record): Peter Pan: Sheri Jarrot, Fag Hag 1.

Wigs And Caps, Horns Of Haters, Jokes On Dykes, Tales Of Bald Heads.Faces Of Snakes, Faces Of Sinners, Not Saints, Glory Dazes Done, Turning Pages....Snake Masks:  put another mask on for the seasons to come. Fairfax - Los Angeles, CA - Bands & Musicians | FacebookPrince Frog-Out of Pond In the end it is about what you ...Why do straight persons assume that their lifestyle is more ... https://answers.yahoo.com/question/index?qid. 

Nights of Tasteful Delights, Steven Jarrot, Sucker? - Snakes ...


Girls At Sleepovers, Rach Jay, best game to play, butch on top, pitcher with dick. Part of chilhood, fuck friends, one by one. Rachel Jarrot, died ...

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