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Dead Or Alive - You Spin Me Round (Like a Record): Peter Pan: Sheri Jarrot, Fag Hag 1.

Dead Or Alive - You Spin Me Round (Like a Record) Coins Flipped, games played, life on the beach, good tales to spin. How much are views worth in your world? Moot in mind, please the one in your skin,
 happy to share views always sunny and bright sides to the pits with the cherries. 
Happy for hands out to
 help up, back on the boat. Time and space to the times to slap your face, for the good, bad and ugly
deeds dead now, flipping the pages, flipping the cards..Crazy, dizzy, rich with laughs to share, about the
 bumps in the road, gifts and lessons daily share about the changes with chance. Gold at the pots at the
 end of the rainbows. Your luck is in, blue stars shooting, bright lights on the dark side of the moon, Stars
of David, nice shades of blue, on the seas of chances to take.

Spinning Tales Told.Horse and Pony Shows, Clowns have left, poker playerd to the right. 
Not a Free Ride. Rides along the way, are just a detour of the things that you would like to do but do not 
want to take the time to consider, because you are not in control of the pace. It is a 
matter of letting the cows out. So that the cows can come home, only if they are unable to find a new field of
 grass, and learn how to talk your way into the things that you cannot afford. It is not just a state of mind it is a 
way of life for so many. It is not a time to talk about what you know it is about what you would like to know.
Bunny for luck, bunnies in the house, tricks and dogs, bitches in heat. Songs and dances, jumps for joy, games of
lovers, games of haters, games with lots of balls. Beaches for dazes, boats to rocks, ships to sail, dreams in actions,
dreams in drama. Parts to acts. Ladies of the night, butches nuts to go, party......and bitches,dicks to strap on, games
to play, roles of dykes.

Time to spin, American birds, fingers on hand, history onlinr, sit and spin. .Snake in grass: fag out of the
box, Steven Jarrot 7607778998. Veterans for prey, snakes to date 7608512267 Where are the snakes now
, in the desert under the rocks, under the bottom of the barrows, in the hills of Riverside, donkeys in the
hills and in the desert. Fruit and nuts to go, for the men that date Steven, has been a practice to suck
and let the dicks leave, standard of life for a gay guy. Happy and gay for a lifetime of lies, about how big
the dicks that are best to suck, Rick Benson, George Benson. Dicks that wonder online, friends once,
suckers to date, happy feet to dance away.Fuck the battles, who wins the wars, history created, not
news today. Good times, sad times, bumps in the road, lessons learned. Reflections are good. What a
great day for new plans, what a great day for the fun and games, lions, battles won. Witty, charming,
and wise brown chocolate babes, in shape and jumping for trips by boat, planes, trains.

Pages of lovers, pages of sinners, pagers and knights, jokes and laughs, history online, saved for a moment....To Grow
,I saw that you were perfect and so, I loved you.Twists In The Wind, Glory Dazes Done: Trains On Tracks. COURSE
NAME: Veterans Off The Streets. Then I saw that you were not perfect, and loved you even more.It's the little
memories that will last a lifetime. Batters up, butts high and lubed, dicks to suck, dicks up the tailends. Home movies,
swingers. Angels out, lights to
shine, classes on the beach over abd done.Twists In The Wind, Glory Dazes Done: Trains On Tracks. COURSE NAME:
Veterans Off The Streets. Thanks and praises, songs to sing, good times, more for the money. Songs to sing jumped for
joy, happy notes to break. Lessons to learn. Birthdays notes, happy holidays on one level, good times, blue birds to sing. Into the woods, on the beach, games to
be played, jokes about the monkeys, joys and pains. Time to stop, time to face snakes under the skins, gifts to share.
Animal Tunes:Cartoon hits, lots of jokes and laughter, good times with bad cats, cat and mouse pokes. Clowns to the
left, jokers and poker players to the right. Dream lover, dicks not chicks-Prince of Jewish Army.... September 04, 1962
Steven Jay Jarrot : 7605643510. Owner/Consultant; ANYWAY TRANSPORTATION. tricks to trade,
family fuck fests, to enjoy at the beach or parked here are there, at your house?

Spinning Tales Told.Horse and Pony Shows,f you like music, art, theater, sex, spirituality, literature, love, humor, philosophy,
or culture you should see.@prince is King! Thank you!!! Music is life. ❤️😘🙏🏽😘☔️Clowns have left, poker players to
the right. Clowns have left, poker players to the right. Not a Free Ride. Rides along the way, are just a detour of the things
that you would like to do but do not want to take the time to consider, because you are not in control of the pace. It is a
matter of letting the cows out. So that the cows can come home, only if they are unable to find a new field of grass, and
learn how to talk your way into the things that you cannot afford. It is not just a state of mind it is a way of life for so many.
It is not a time to talk about what you know it is about what you would like to know. Twists In The Wind, Glory Dazes Done: Trains On Tracks. COURSE NAME: Veterans Off The Streets.Veterans: Thanks For Service, Hands Out To Statements, Skills To Share...Stories and tips, veterans for prey, in the lands of love and hate, sheep. Good time, lessons learned, trips to hell and back, hell hounds in the gates. Frogs and snakes, monkeys in the dogwood trees. Monkeys to swingers, snakes in dens, donkeys in packs, tales of chances to change. Hands to wash, ships of dreams, to sell, to sell for the dazes in the sun. Why not,happy new year. No one is worth hurting over for any length of time. Time doesn't have to harden us, but is here to teach us.

So ready for a true blue dream lover, that fucks and sucks, dicks and chicks while you are sleep, while you are at
 the gym, while you are at the doctors, while you are at work, always searching for dicks and pussies for his face
 to eat, suck and be faithful to boot. Dream lover with to much of everything, will be the death of him in a
 minute today or tomorrow, rewards for kindness, love and devotion to himself alone with cattle callers.

Sheri and Rachel Jarrot, the loves of his life, and partners in crimes committed on the women that date Steven
Jarrot, and fag boy toy son, Charles R. Jarrot, cash or credit to steal for a life time of hardships, or joy and
pleasures with the sex trades, tricks and Johns will hairy dicks, Janes with hair on pussy. Steven Fucks Rachel
and Sheri often, has been master and slave for them, they tag team sit on Stevens faces for fun and games daily.
 Love this family of freaks, fools, and gay and happy as fags, and fag hags to date at beaches, UCLA Cattle, and
Bison when the cows cum home on the range.

Tin Cans -RV Campers, Peter Pans, Ships Of Dreams....Plenty Of Fish In The Seas, Frogs and Snakes 2.,Sad and
Blue, and Unbelievable for a few, dicks and dogs, dicks to say what is real to others. Stories of the dead, stories
of the dying, stories to live always, anger issues under the surface. Tricks for a check, Steven Jarrot, 7608512267
-Snake in the grass, hacker to date, loves to suck dicks, oral talents to trades, cheap tricks in his herd of donkeys,
family of jackasses, nuts to go, dream lives. Just a tip, wanted to say, gang bang to serve G. I. Joe, a day job. Marines in the sands, Marines with Guns, Child's
play, for a dick with a ass open wide, fag to fuck, role player, Steven Jarrot. Adam to Adam, Adam not Steven,
Adam and Eve, play on words. Good times to party and to pay, good times with skills of a frog, oral talents to suck,
fuck a frog today. RV Campers, Peter Pans, Ships Of Dreams. Plenty Of Fish In The Seas, Frogs and Snakes 2.

Blame Games: Clowns have left. Not a Free Ride.Hell And High Waters, Monkeys Riding Sharks, Spinning Tales Told.
Jewish White Stars-Jewish Army 2005:….. This is the early part of the history of the blame game that is currently
played thought out this family. I like to call them the Jewish Army of 2005, just because more … Snakes, Vipers, 
Serpents in the dens? | Life Is A Beach BlogClowns have left. Not a Free Ride.Hell And High Waters, Monkeys Riding 
Sharks, Spinning Tales Told.

Snaks And Frog Dates: m4w 54 Steven Jarrot?(Upland) casual encounters::Dream guy? Lessons in love, lessons 
in hate, lessons for a teacher or a student, classes on the sands of ties and time. Wheels to turn, pages to turn,
 roads to travel, bumps in the road, joys and pains, ways to grow. Angels on earth, cat or mouse, large size for a rat,
 girl is brave:...

Not A Perfect World, Tips And Tales, Not Bothered. Notes On History. Steven and Sima Jarrot ...Lovers and haters, 
donkeys to ride for free ..To include the others, Jackie and Charley Jarrot, sluts and crooks, liars and cheaters,
 dream lives online, happy and gay, nuts on the run, good times, party and pay, veterans to run.....Sima And Steven 
Jarrot, Donkeys for free rides?Sheri, Rachel?Sluts 2?Dead Or Alive - You Spin Me Round (Like a Record): Peter Pan: 
Sheri Jarrot, Fag Hag 1. 

MUCCILLO, STEVEN R.35 NORTHAMPTON CT, NEWPORT BEACH, CA 92660-4206....."Horror Stories: Snakes in 
Grass: Jewish Rites: Ste...": Matches prayers, cheer up and hold your head high, your wishes are better than the others,
 that change faces six times a day, and the friends that are foes are still displaced and searching for happiness from the
 lives of others, not your story, and hope and joy and pleasures are the returns on the acts and deeds that make you happy.
 The sun is shining and the future is bright and sunny for you and for the others that pray and work on dreams to put in action.
 It is water off of a ducks back, and the river is not blocked, and the pies in the sky and the pots of gold are on the way. 
Have a great day and filled with happiness and good cheer. 

Lessons Learned Gifts to Share: RV Sucker Lessons ....with Steven Jarrot 7608512267. Lovers and haters, coins to flip, cards on the table. …"Cow Wisdom",Life's Little Beefs.Steven Jarrot Retard Rites:7608512267: 5'11" fat? 260 pounds:Lic #N9602690: SSN# 565 29 0428.....DOB: 090462...Jacqueline Jarrot, Paul, Charley dead two: Donkeys in hills, second form of life. Adam: Steven and Rachel, RV Sima Jarrot, 7608512267...Wishes and stars, lights to shine bright, stars in darkness. Free Rides: Nothing for free. Jokers and players to date, fruits and nuts...

Ms 411 Daily Tips For Today … Rach Jay, Unlucky Bank Robbers.Nightmares.Write and rites, horses 2, History Recorded. Fields of dicks, fields of donkeys in the tall greens, thugs once in life, second life donkey tales. Monkeys to see, monkeys to do, horses. Jokers and poker players, cum suckers, snakes in dens, sinners and saints, frogs to date..... fruits and nuts, part of the home movies. Gifts of film, joys and pleasures, party and pay. Frogs and snakes, in the wind, branches of peace under the dogwood trees. Green Again: Blue knights, stars bright, wishes on stars so high, heavens open, tears of joy and laughter. Jokers to the left, clowns to the right, wishes, hopes and desires stuck in the middle.

Steven Jarrot,7603601613, more freaks out at night?tips now ▼  2014 (8)►  November (2)►  October (2)▼  September (2)Lyon Sacks: Jewish Style..Lyon Sacks: Fire and Ice: Hell Rings►  August (2).Lovers and haters, blue lights on, dances on the sands of time, trips to the heavens. Trips to the stars, stars blue to shine, trips to the moon and back. Songs to play on the radio, good times, bumps in the roads, trips to the stars, trips to the sunny dazes. 

Shit Happen, Hard Knocks Schools, Lessons Learned, Hits And Misses.....Twists And Turns, Lots Of Luck, Spiders And Snakes Tales....One more time, to stop and take a moment, lost in times, lost in space, twists and turns, one more day. Lovers and haters, life on the water, circles of life, joys and pains, ups and downs, dream life on the surface. Dicks and dogs, sheep and goat, horns of love and hate on a goat, tales to spin, good times to sail on. Lovers and hats, songs and dances, snakes and frogs, dances on the water. Lots of love, lots of luck, circles of lovers, circles of haters, songs on the waters. Daily events, to live and learn, daily events to choose mountains to climb, daily events on the sands of time. Good times to turn around, tips on the joys and pains, dances for the lights to come on.

Snakes in Grass: Dicks and Dawgs: Fags Out Of Box: Laughs Online....Stoned & Dazed: Snakes, Frogs, Butches, Fag Hags, Snake Eyes...Lots Of Luck, Lots Of Charms, Lots Of Hugs, Lots Of Kisses, Pink Lights. Lights and darkness, games after dark, lots of rules broken, not a home with the streets lights came on. Stuck in time, April 6, 1955, kid of 11 that year, lots of ways to show the lights. Hopes and wishes, dances in the pass, before my life begin, on one level. Hopes and wishes, tales in the pass, hopes to change the head games. Pages of lovers in the dark, pages of lover still boys, pages of lovers baby boomers, tales to share.

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    Suckers Cream:The tales of creation of next want to be Cali Cow Star. This is a short spin on the outcome. It was a rite of passage. You know like being born, and new events that get written up, and then your light shines brighter. It is about coming to terms with changes that come with the rites.