Sunday, June 19, 2016

American Birds, Signs To Hands, Spinning Tales,Dropping Dimes.....Older Window still

Marines Guns Load, Guns To Fight, American Birds.....Older Window still open. Bones to box, return to senders, dates to set today. Steal from mental veterans, sad and blue land whales. Crooks and robbers, Steven Jarrot: 7608512267 Best Buys Crook, 562 431 5026. times with asses. Hills of Donkeys....The big bang is open dated to be completed when seasoned, the wrongs and the rights, the high road choices, the fast and easy choices to be noted, a time and a season. Stars Shines: Day TerrorsRace Completed: Targets Adjusted Hell on Earth :Jewish White-Super-sized: Snakes in the den.Seven Snakes within each clan members.

Nights of Tasteful Delights, Steven Jarrot, Sucker? - Snakes ...

Girls At Sleepovers, Rach Jay, best game to play, butch on top, pitcher with dick. Part of chilhood, fuck friends, one by one. Rachel Jarrot, died ..
Fags Cathers: Gang Bang Rules: Steven Jarrot on Corner: Trick Turns.
Suckers Cream:The tales of creation of next want to be Cali Cow Star. This is a short spin on the outcome. It was a rite of passage. You know like being born, and new events that get written up, and then your light shines brighter. It is about coming to terms with changes that come with the rites.

 American Birds, Signs To Hands, Spinning Tales,Dropping Dimes.....Older Window still ...Dates With Sex Freaks, Sheri, Sima and Rachel Jarrot, Rach ...Lyons Dick Wonders: Lyon Sacks: Jewish Style....sheri jarrot | LinkedIn: Dances with wolves, snakes and frogs. RACHEL JARROT: SISTERS NOT KIN: DATES AND SNAKES..."Horror Stories: Snakes in Grass: Jewish Rites: Ste...": Matches prayers, cheer up and hold your head high, your wishes are better than the others, that change faces six times a day, and the friends that are foes are still displaced and searching for happiness from the lives of others, not your story, and hope and joy and pleasures are the returns on the acts and deeds that make you happy. The sun is shining and the future is bright and sunny for you and for the others that pray and work on dreams to put in action. It is water off of a ducks back, and the river is not blocked, and the pies in the sky and the pots of gold are on the way. Have a great day and filled with happiness and good cheer. 

Lessons Learned Gifts to Share: RV Sucker Lessons ....with Steven Jarrot 7608512267. Lovers and haters, coins to flip, cards on the table. …"Cow Wisdom",Life's Little Beefs.Steven Jarrot Retard Rites:7608512267: 5'11" fat? 260 pounds:Lic #N9602690: SSN# 565 29 0428.....DOB: 090462...Jacqueline Jarrot, Paul, Charley dead two: Donkeys in hills, second form of life. Adam: Steven and Rachel, RV Sima Jarrot, 7608512267...Wishes and stars, lights to shine bright, stars in darkness. Free Rides: Nothing for free. Jokers and players to date, fruits and nuts...

Ms 411 Daily Tips For Today … Rach Jay, Unlucky Bank Robbers.Nightmares.Write and rites, horses 2, History Recorded. Fields of dicks, fields of donkeys in the tall greens, thugs once in life, second life donkey tales. Monkeys to see, monkeys to do, horses. Jokers and poker players, cum suckers, snakes in dens, sinners and saints, frogs to date..... fruits and nuts, part of the home movies. Gifts of film, joys and pleasures, party and pay. Frogs and snakes, in the wind, branches of peace under the dogwood trees. Green Again: Blue knights, stars bright, wishes on stars so high, heavens open, tears of joy and laughter. Jokers to the left, clowns to the right, wishes, hopes and desires stuck in the middle.

Moot, in the end, and the views to be kept in the houses only of the choose few that live and sing songs, about the charms and wits that are given as gifts of peace and love by the sea, RV Campers and cheaters, thieves, and blazers for lost causes, and have fingers in place to point at others for the reasons that shame and disgraces were acts or deeds to turn the other face and put another mask on for the seasons to come.

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