Friday, March 4, 2016

Crows, Doves, Eagles, Birds To Fly, Tales And Songs, Lessons Learned

Snakes Parties, Snakes Tales, Parts And Pieces

Freaks, Frogs, Snakes, Spiders, Worms, Animals Under The Surface

Angels Blue Lights, Sky Signs, Pieces Of Hope..

Red Lights, Red Moons, Angels With Fires

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Angels Mothers, Aleane Bailey, here for a minute, 34 years, 5 kids, given, five kids left, the day she died, Saturday, October 16, 1971, the day my childhood ended. At 11 years old, stuck in a child role, did not reach the right to reason at age 12. Became my mother at that age. My childhood was put on hold, I waited for my mother to come back, 12 years, she never did. Sad story, I have to share, my childhood, and how my life changed when my mother died, when I was eleven years old, all the pain, to live again. For a minute in time. My mother, Aleane Breangh, first,

Hope for the best, hope in color, best for now, blue better for peace, purple for hope, colors and some of their meaning, heard it somewhere, sounds good to me. Purple for hope, purple for moods, sunny and bright, so happy to see the light of day, every day is a gift, have time to share, have stories to write, time and time again, windows are open. Hope for the best the life that you want, hope for the color of purple, inside joke, tips to share, joys and pieces of a dream. Dreams in actions, dreams in motions, dreams to move on, dreams and dancing on the sands of time, tips
Choose Mountains To Climb, Monkey Year 2016...Practice to perfection classic life lessons. Goodness and mercy, angels to see, common friends, mothers maybe, dead and expired, candles out. Angels in hosts, angels to shine, girls in red hoods, lucky days on the edge of light and day. Time to turn around, time to take a stand, all jokes aside. Right and wrong, three lefts will make it right, back to square one. Angels In the Sky, All the Time, Goodness and Mercy, Angels out, angels to see, in the first morning lights. Stars to shine in the day time, in that perfect place, in the lands.
Pieces of a Dream - Veterans Stories, Sad and Blue, and Unbelievable for a few, dicks and dogs, dicks to say what is real to others. Stories of the dead, stories of the dying, stories to live always, anger issues under the surface. Tricks for a check, Steven Jarrot, 7608512267:wanted to say, gang bang to serve G. I. Joe, a day job. Marines in the sands, Marines with Guns, Child's play, for a dick with a ass open wide, fag to fuck, role player, Steve Jarrot. Adam to Adam, Adam not Steven, Adam and Eve, play on words. Good times to party and to pay, good times with skills of a frog, oral talents to suck, ... more »
Lessons to learn, tales to share of the good times, the best friends, the blessings and the lessons learned the first time, for the choose few. Gifts for the blind, gifts for the dense and the dumb, gifts for the blind mice and the blind men to date for the true colors of love and hate. Love and hate the horns of a goat, happy and gay with the laughs, happy and delighted for another day on the right side of the great. What a great day for new plans, what a great day for the fun and games, what a great day for the saints and the sinners. 

Dances in the rain, joys and pains, land whales Jewish and rites, history written and recorded. Fairy tales, whales on land.White Rites: Frogs and Freaks Jarrot 2015, birthdays and rebirths. Birds in the fire, goose to cook or two, pigs and hogs buried in the sand, holiday food and fun. Day of the dead. Family with turkeys transplants, cum suckers to wait. Gifts of love and devotion with a twist, truthful and faithful punch lines. Flying frogs, flying monkeys, flying high, super-bowls Sunday, one day holiday, lasted so long, two day instead of one. Games to play, frogs, to fights, pot to smoke all over the grass. 

Red Eyes, Green Frogs, Poison Darts, Rich Shades....Challenge Growths: 7608512267-Rach Jay: Rachel Gay Jarrot, Monkey Faces- 909 920 0725-Princess Life, Rach Jay, Rachel Jarrot, Dream Life....Dreams, Nightmares, Head Trips, Foes To Nuts......Snakes Trips To Hell And Back, Snakes, Frogs,.....Rats To Teachers Growths And Changes, Signs Of Life, Tales Up.....Freaks, Donkeys, Jackasses In Fields Of Dreams

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